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Robert Hultslander served as the last CIA station chief in Luanda, Angola from July 1975 through to the evacuation of U.S. personnel in early November 1975 as MPLA troops moved to take power over rival factions in the Angolan civil war. As part of his research for Conflicting Missions, in 1998 Piero Gleijeses sent a set of questions and drafts of sections of the book to Mr. Hultslander regarding CIA analysis and operations in the Angolan conflict. Hultslander's responses, sent via fax, along with the questions, which have been reconstructed for the purpose of this posting, are excerpted below.


Abstract: This thesis analyzes the foreign policy of Angola under its first President, Agostinho Neto. Part one examines the evolution of the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola's (MPLA) relations with Angola's neighbor to the north Zaire from the movement's inception in 1956, through the liberation struggle, post-independent conflicts in Zaire's Shaba Province and rapprochement.

Assis Malaquias
Department of Government, St Lawrence University, Canton, New York

Published in African Security Review Vol 9 No 3, 2000


The Angolan government’s foreign policy since independence has been crafted primarily as a response to various domestic and international pressures that threaten its existence. Specifically, Angola’s foreign policy aims to enhance the regime’s ability to win the civil war that started on the eve of independence. To achieve this basic foreign policy objective, Angola has sought, first and foremost, to create a favourable regional environment.

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